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Having new people joining your business is great and to make this new partnership thrive, a contract of employment should be put in place when the new employee starts. Contracts of Employment are not only a legal requirement but  set out clearly the new employee’s terms and conditions. It also acts as a positive step in securing good employee relations.

Employees can be recruited on all different types of terms including part time, casual/temporary, zero hours, fixed term or permanent and can have all different types of roles, so ensuring you have the right contract in place for each person is vital. Contracts of employment are legally binding agreements which consist of express written or verbal terms in the employment contract. There can also be implied terms which may not be stated but could be incorporated in another way. Employment contracts are governed by employment law and this sets out specific content which must be included in contracts.

AB HR Solutions can help you with these contracts making sure that they are both legally compliant and also incorporate your expectations as an employer. One solution doesn’t fit all and there really isn’t such a thing as a template for all contracts and each one will need to be personalized appropriately. We can provide you with the correct contracts for all of your employees and one that also supports and protects your business.

Do I need to introduce an employee handbook?

As a business you may also wish to consider introducing an employee handbook. This would include things like the culture in your business and will help new employees understand how the business operates and what is expected from them. It is hard to set rules that everyone will want to abide by, but if the handbook is well written in a friendly but professional manner and gives reasoning as to what the rules are and why they should be followed, employees are more likely to buy into them.

AB HR Solutions can help you develop these handbooks in simple understandable English and ensure they contain all the subjects you need to cover as a business.

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