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Human resources compliance is essential to your business, it is not a “nice to have” but a necessity. HR compliance should be treated as a process to ensure applicable laws and procedures are followed and that your employees are acting in a manner which supports your business values.

Unfortunately, simply writing policies and procedures and distributing them to employees is not enough. Once created, they need constant communication, reiteration and clarification throughout the business.

Managers with HR responsibility need to ensure that everyone in the business understands the importance of HR compliance and that it is ingrained in your overall business plan and strategy.

HR compliance is mainly concerned with ensuring you have the correct policies, contracts of employment and procedures written up and in place for you to meet your compliance obligations.

HR compliance will also ensure that you are:

  • Hiring the right talent – it is important that your HR function has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver this.
  • Well versed in employment law and the regulatory and legal requirements that can affect your business at any time.
  • Updated on any changes to the law and that you understand how to apply them.
  • Documenting your decisions and establishing written policies which your employees have signed.
  • In receipt of an employee handbook which is updated regularly and is widely shared with your employees.
  • Communicating your policies and procedures and how your business wishes to operate.
  • Delivering the essential training required to keep you compliant
  • Up to date with your scheduled HR compliance audits thus avoiding any legal liabilities.

AB HR Solutions can offer this compliance support to you or help your internal Human Resources specialists with their audits by supporting and advising them on their responsibilities. HR law and legislation are there to make sure you do not accidentally make a mistake. Following these laws also ensures you are providing equal opportunity and a good working environment. Being compliant is not just about having pieces of paper with writing on but ensuring that you have the correct paperwork in place, that you are living and breathing your policies and that all of your employees know and understand your policies.

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