Contract of Employment – Why do they matter?

Image of woman reading contract of employment

A contract of employment is a legally binding document between employer and employee and the term “employee“ is defined by the Employment Rights Act as an individual who has entered into or works under a contract of service and a contract consists of a mixture of “express” and “implied” terms. Express terms in a contract […]

HR Solutions – impact assessments

Disciplinary HR Services

HR solutions – impact assessments   When considering how to deal with difficult people situations, business owners should do an impact assessment. What is an impact assessment? An impact assessment will consider the risk and impact to the business of a proposed course of action as well as the likelihood and probability. We all do […]

Working Flexibly – not a statutory right

Flexible Working

Coronavirus has changed the way we work and millions of people have been working flexibly or working from home over the last few months. Job roles that we probably never thought would lend themselves to working flexibly and/or at home have been done very successfully away from the office core hours. For years, we have […]

10 points to remember about Redundancy

10 points to remember about Redundancy

Redundancy – gone are the days when you would call someone into the office and make them redundant. A business cannot cut corners by circumventing process.