SOSR Dismissals

You could easily be forgiven for not having heard of  SOSR Dismissals– some other substantial reason – dismissal. So, let’s explain. An employer can fairly dismiss an employee for one of the 5 “fair reasons” Capability Conduct Redundancy Breach of a statutory restriction Some other substantial reason. SOSR is sometimes seen as the last resort […]

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal

In this article we look at debunking some common constructive dismissal myths. How many times has an employer said – “I’m worried that they might resign and claim constructive dismissal?” Similarly, how many employees have bragged – “they can’t do that – I’ll take them for constructive dismissal” I’ve lost count so let’s shatter some […]

Out of Court Settlements

Out of Court Settlement Agreements

In the world of HR Support, we spend much of our time sorting and settling cases before they get anywhere near an Employment Tribunals saving legal costs and the risk of reputational damage because Tribunal proceedings are open to the public. So, let’s answer a few questions? What are  Settlement agreements and ACAS COT3s? These […]